Andrea Cabral’s Proposed Brookline Marijuana Shop Continues To Meet Strong Community Opposition

Ascend Cannabis’ Proposed Marijuana Shop In Brookline’s Small Business District Meets Strong Community Opposition

BROOKLINE, Oct. 30, 2018 --  For the second time in five days, marijuana retailer Ascend Cannabis presented its Brookline proposal and continued to meet strong opposition from the local community. 

Former Suffolk County Sheriff and State Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral, conducted the meeting at the proposed site, a former restaurant at 1032 Beacon Street. More than 160 local residents rallied in front of the site prior to the meeting.

The start of the public meeting process was rocky, with some uncertainty about who could get in first, and how many could attend. When many of the town’s most active citizens--including a Town Meeting Member and a Reverend--realized that they might not get in despite showing up an hour early, the crowd began chanting “It’s our neighborhood, let us in.”


Once the doors opened the room quickly filled up to its fire code limit of 122 people. 

“Many of us oppose this site for a marijuana store,” said Ranch Kimball, a community member who spoke to the crowd at the meeting. ”We know it is the worst possible site for such a store. More than  60 of your fellow neighbors are outside, but they are remaining there to show their support for what we all are doing in here.”

Ascend presented a summary of the company and the proposed store, and then took questions for nearly two hours.  

“Only two speakers were in favor of the proposed store,” said Paul Warren who organized the rally preceding the meeting. “This community is highly engaged, and nearly unanimous in its opposition. This follows our rally and meeting last Thursday, where we had over 160 people and the local speakers were unanimously opposed to this site.”

Several people at the meeting asked for documents that had been offered at the prior meeting, such as the lease, the business plan, and the marketing plan showing where the customers will come from, but Cabral said that Ascend had reconsidered its document release strategy. She said the company would submit the documents required by law to the state’s Cannabis Control Commission, and “that when the Commission has them, they will be in the public domain and you can have them.”  Meeting attendees responded and said, “That’s too late. The process will be over by then. You’re not engaging with this neighborhood like you promised.”

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